Who we are:

Tirosh Engineering is a product development and mechanical engineering consulting  firm. Extensive experience working with high-tech and defense/HLS industries .

Working with entrepreneurs, start-ups and some of the largest and most successful global companies In Israel.

What we are doing :

Tirosh Engineering provides services throughout the full lifecycle of product development: From concepting and prototyping to engineering, manufacturing and integrating .

We provide turn key project delivery , support and consulting.

Why we are doing that :

Because we are addicted to the satisfaction of solving problems ,  and execute our design .


Our guidelines :

1. No Project is Too Big or Too Small - Tirosh Engineering is dedicated to providing the best quality and value for each and every customer .

2. ​Multi- disciplinary design optimization (MOD) - Using smart methods we deliver the best possible solutions for our customers in terms of time ,money and resources .

3. Always on Schedule - As we appreciate accuracy in design ,part of our responsibility is to be accurate with the deadlines!   

4. Relationships - Nurturing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers ensures Tirosh Engineering to stay as close  as possible to the production process , to catch up new releases and to ensure smooth and quick release to production .    




R&D and R&D to Production

From conception to completion thru all the phases :

  • Research and characterization 

  • Performing calculations and defining system components

  • Detailed design and optimization with Solidworks tools 

  • Detailed drawings preparation, release to production and purchase

  • Testing and measuring critical system parameters

Turn Key Solution System Delivery

We know It's a not an easy task to follow many purchase orders and suppliers and to make sure that all the components will be supplied properly .

We will operate it ,build the system 

and deliver it for you ready to preform, or for additional integration . 


Consulting and Pre-Sale

To solve problems is our challenge.

We will examine the system requirements, and design a realizable solution.

Present it to your customer and validate the deal for you .


Web simulator
web simulator for inspection systems
Sheet fed simulator
Sheet fed /metal decorating simulator
Roll simulator
Contact image sensor simulator
Cooling units
Accurate temperature control System
Cis Lab Simulator
Rugged adapter for fz-m1
Water temp control
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 we can only present non confidential projects




Developing and building rotational and linear systems : 

Simulators ,Positioners, Pedestals (pan & tilt/roll) for the toughest environmental conditions and heavy pay loads.

Linear drives and slides.

Calculating pay loads and environmental effects. 

Definition and implementation of motors, gears ,control and feedbeack / limit / homing sensors.

HMI programming  

Developing testing equipment for measuring up to 36sec (0.01°) . 


Developing coold and uncooled cameras,optical benches including integrating mirrors, day and IR sensors , lenses , LRF  pointers ,and PCBS .

Developing Extra fine mechanisms for boresight calibration between different channels,

and mechanisms for line ccd alignment.

Pcb layout and stack up design ,in collaboration with the PCB editor .

Packaging hardware into standard U cases, or developing customize packaging according to the Customer specification with an emphasis on the heat evacuation, serviceability and cost.

Routing - connectors and cable design ,especially in a tight volumes. 




Development of medical equipment in cooperation with therapists and nurses from various medical institutions, in order to find ways to facilitate patients and caregivers.


On going support for engineering departments .

PDM Work Group implementation.

Characterization of repeating parameters and creating design tables for auto updating   .




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